Collectors may not be aware that there are 3 kinds of Philippines 1000 pesos notes.

Philippines 1000 Pesos variations


Philippines 1000 Pesos variations.

Size: Approx. 132 x 62 mm
Print quantity: unknown.
Note: the block letters 'PU' have been printed with the note, not stamped or overprinted.

The most common one is printed in purple. The ink is usually over-saturated and bleeds though to the back design. The one shown here is a more desirable and valuable example with the printing very clean and not too saturated.

The second example is printed in dark blue/green. These are relatively rare. In the blue/green variety, there are two variations, one on thick paper and one on thin paper. 

As to their printing origins, there are three possible locations: 

  • Hong Kong - Records state that a factory was to be built in Hong Kong to print these notes but it is unknown if this eventuated. 
  • Manilla -  It is a possibility that the notes were printed at a newspaper factory in Manilla. One could assume that the third kind, printed in blue/green on thin paper may have been printed at a newspaper factory as they would have the thin paper stock on-hand and have their presses already set up, ready to print an urgent order.
  • Mindanao Island, Philippines - This is another possibility.

It may be that all three locations were in fact used for the three different kinds.