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Malaya - Peace dollar - 2017

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Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere Commemorative Issue.

Malaya - Peace dollar - 2017

The design of the Malaya / Malaysia peace dollar has been inspired by The Japanese Government trial pattern coins made in World War II.

This design is based on trial pattern coins made in Osaka in 1942 (2602 on the Japanese calendar). In 1942, the Japanese military administration referred to the region as ‘Malai’ rather than ‘Malaya’ as it was commonly known. The mysterious coins with ‘Malaysia’ on them are unusual as Malaysia was only formed in 1963, over twenty years after the coins were made. 

Malaya - Peace dollar - 2017 - coming soon

This is a must for collectors of Japanese Invasion Money from World War II.

Each token is supplied in a coin capsule along with a descriptive card and envelope.

Size: 34 mm diameter x 2 mm. Antiqued finish.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.

Only $16 each.